I lead coaching programmes that empower you to Live, Love, Learn and Lead with authenticity & purpose. Programmes range from 1:1 Holistic Life Story Coaching to bespoke Resilient Leadership and Women of the World Programmes. There are options to coach together with me 1:1 or as part of a group. I also host regular Live Love Learn Lead workshops on a variety of empowering and creative themes. These can be bought individually or as part of a membership package.I believe in being transparent about costs, so all the information you need to make a choice about which programme is right for you is below. You are welcome to book in a friendly chat to discuss the details of any of these programmes, as well as payment options. Coaching should not be a luxury, so please don’t be shy.

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2024 Workshops

Becoming a member of our community grants you complimentary access to all LIVE LOVE LEARN LEAD Workshops. 6 group workshops throughout the year to help you live, love, learn and lead with purpose and fulfilment.

2024 workshops include:
  • Setting your intentions for 2024
  • LEGO Serious Play® workshop
  • Slay your Saboteurs workshop
  • Positive Psychology: develop a well-being toolkit
  • Switching off for summer
  • Navigating Introverted leadership

Gain unlimited access to all workshops with an annual membership priced at £50. Attend as many sessions as you’d like (Individual Workshops £22.50).

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Life Story Programme and 1:1 Coaching

The Life Story Coaching Programme uses an empowering framework which supports individuals to transition into a new chapter of their life. The group coaching circle provides a reflective, nurturing environment to help you raise a deeper understanding of your own narrative and what you want from your next chapter.This 5 session programme is ideal for people who are seeking career growth, transitioning to a new professional or personal role, and those who want to break free of a lifestyle that no longer serves them.

Life Story Coaching Programme aims to:Bring awareness to your personal narrativeDiscover your saboteurs (the voices that hold you back)See your life experiences from a different perspectiveEmbrace what you want in life and how you want to change your storyChallenge your narrative to reflect your truth and deeply understand who you are and what you doMake decisions to live differently in order to become more fulfilled The next 5 week programme starts in Spring 2024

Book a ChatBook The Life Story Coaching Programme £414Book 1:1 Life Story Coaching £130

WOW Women of the World Coaching Programmes

WOW Women of the World Programme is a blended group and 1:1 coaching programme for ambitious women shaping their careers and lives proactively. You will engage with women from across the globe from diverse backgrounds to help you gain a more global perspective on your own narrative. The coaching programme will empower to sustain personal change and work towards a professional goal of your choice. WOW coaches successfully support women worldwide, positively impacting their professional and personal journeys. You will benefit from five 90 minute group sessions, a 1:1 coaching session and access to a weekly reflective journal.

View BrochureBook a ChatBook WOW Coaching Programme £900


LEGO Serious Play workshops harness the power of play and creativity to facilitate meaningful discussions, problem-solving, and team building. Participants use LEGO bricks to construct metaphorical models that represent their thoughts, ideas, and experiences related to a given topic or challenge, or issue, such as curriculum design or improving the well-being culture of an organisation. These hands-on workshops encourage active participation, stimulate innovative thinking, and foster collaboration among participants. LEGO Serious Play workshops unlock collective insights, promote deeper understanding, and drive actionable solutions to complex problems. Ideal for INSETs and team meetings.

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Slay Your Saboteurs Programme

Slay Your Saboteurs is a 5 session group coaching that supports you to overcome self-sabotage by identifying and slaying your own personal saboteurs—internal critical voices. You will gain insight into your own self-limiting beliefs, learning to recognise and overcome these barriers. Throughout the programme, you are encouraged to shift your mindset from a place of self-sabotage to a sage perspective, cultivating mental resilience, and opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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HeadsUp4HTs Coaching Packages

HeadsUp4HTs coaching is designed specifically for school leaders;Whether you are new to Headship, an established Headteacher or an aspiring, leader.Engage in one-to-one sessions that offer a safe and confidential space, free from judgment, with a former Headteacher who ‘gets it.’ The aim is to support you to gain clarity and perspective to lead authentically and find balance. These sessions can also help you to reconnect with your identity beyond school leadership.Six 1:1 sessions £845Drop in session £130

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Coaching Training

CORE Coaching offers a highly efficient and structured coaching process designed to support you in addressing a specific issue using guided questions. We delve into the Context of the situation, work to Optimise your opportunities, Refine your aims and goals, and Enact strategies. Whether the challenge is work-related or personal, this process empowers you to navigate it successfully.Join me on a transformative and interactive one-day team program that seamlessly integrates Lego Serious Play® and positive psychology strategies. The one day training enables you and your team to become CORE Coaches, building your confidence as a coach and supporting you to develop a culture of coaching within your school or organisation. You will join a CORE Community of coaches who are trained in this effective methodology.One day facilitated training for between 6 - 40 people £300 per person

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Intentional Well-being Workshops

Perfect for conferences, partnership meetings, and well-being days, I offer engaging 2-3 hour workshops centered around intentional well-being. Through the innovative use of LEGO Serious Play® and Positive Psychology Strategies, we collaboratively construct a well-being toolkit tailored for those leading and working in educational settings. The session centres on reconnecting with purpose and values, fostering strategies for a balanced work-home life, and adopting a sage mindset.We will delve into the significance of prioritising your own well-being within a high stakes accountability system and a continuous service to others. This exploration offers opportunities to tackle themes like imposter syndrome, cultivating a resilient self-image, and rediscovering yourself beyond your job title.Tailored to suit your specific needs and audience, feel free to reach out for a conversation about availability and pricing.

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