I’ve worked with so many incredible human beings! I am humbled and grateful for your testimonials.

This has been the most positive, affirming and uplifting 5 hours, sharing and appreciating the value of others as well and recognising the value of self. It has helped me change my mindset and has helped me to recognise how to raise my self esteem.

Jess - Life Story Coaching Programme

A safe space to speak openly, met a wonderful group of women that empowered and inspired me. Kate was fantastic and setting insightful tasks that enabled me to identify and recognise internal barriers to how I value and see myself.

Charlie - Life Story Coaching Programme

Thank you Kate! I’m sad this has finished. You are a wonderful practitioner. So calm, relaxing. Empathic and warm. You facilitated in such a welcoming way. Each of us appreciated. I have take so much from your sessions. I feel equipped for supporting my well-being and being kinder to myself using the reframing and recognising when I’m being harsh to myself.

Charlotte - Life Story Coaching Programme

Kate, you are just amazing as a person and on top of that you are so blooming good at what you do. As the facilitator, you being so open and honest, really set the tone for our group. We felt like you really got to know us as individuals in a very short space of time. Love your honesty and edge, timely challenge and empathy. The group continuing to meet is true testimony to how brilliant you are.

Warwickshire Headteacher - Peer Support Group

Kate has unconditional positive regard to the people she coaches. She quietly prompts at the correct times, listens intently and the level of care and compassion is unquestionably vital. Kate is such a super person, a real gem of a human and as a result, the interaction has been on point since the first session. I am absolutely delighted.

Dan - Headteacher - 1:1 Coaching

Kate, you have a vibrant and unique quality of bringing strangers together and celebrating the incredibly challenging role of being a headteacher! I wish I could bottle your magic and share it with my staff! Thank you.

Warwickshire Headteacher - Peer Support Group

An excellent 6 week facilitated course with an empathetic and highly skilled lead. I thought it was brilliant. Kate facilitated really well and it was just lovely to get to know her. She was always so encouraging, supportive and put everyone at ease. It was also so nice to get to know the others in the group better and to spend the time with them celebrating things that we have achieved as well as things we were finding challenging.

Islington Headteacher - Peer Support Group

It’s been very helpful to have some headspace. Great to know that I am not on my own, or the only one feeling like this is a really tough job. So helpful to hear other people’s views and ideas. Thank you for helping me to refocus on what the things are that bring me joy in the job.

Hampshire Headteacher - Peer Support Group

Kate, A huge thank you for leading our sessions so brilliantly. You made everyone feel at ease to share, and you kept the tone so positive, encouraging and supportive, which meant that eventually, we all felt supported by the whole group. Thank you for creating such a warm, welcoming and caring culture. It was so nice to get to know you and I looked forward to the sessions each week. I didn't want to miss any and always felt really positive after a session.

Islington Headteacher - Peer Support Group

Thank you Kate! You have been fantastic - challenging - but amazing and we have all gelled so well as a group thanks to your great leadership and facilitation. Thank you.

Hampshire Headteacher - Peer Support Group

Kate, you have been superb! The questions you have asked have been tricky, but they have made me think and have encouraged me to take control of parts of my life that are out of control!

Warwickshire Headteacher - Peer Support Group

Kate, I have found these sessions so valuable. You have guided me through some tough days, given me space to reflect and asked some tricky questions to really make me think. You’ve opened a part of me which is tricky to reach through providing a safe space to talk to like minded people. Words really can’t thank you enough.

Warwickshire Headteacher - Peer Support Group

Kate, thank you so much for running the sessions and making me feel so comfortable to share how I am really feeling. I really liked how you gave everyone an opportunity to speak and that it wasn't about giving advice or actions but that it was open sharing and encouraging ourselves to look for solutions and answers. Thanks for working hard to support us all!

Merton Headteacher - Peer Support Group

Kate, you are very warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease in the group very quickly. Thank you.

Merton Headteacher

Kate has been relaxed, put us all at our ease, made us acknowledge the success in our roles and how we don't focus enough on those successes. She has been supportive and calm and I have felt really comfortable in her presence each week. Thank you Kate - you have been tremendous.

Northumberland Headteacher - Peer Support Group

Kate, you are totally amazing. You have, in short space of time enabled me to become more reflective, to put aside quality time for myself each week and to know that with a little time/care, attention we can all support each other, whatever comes our way. Thank you - it really is appreciated.

Warwickshire Headteacher

Kate empowers me to reflect. To question. To stop. To reaffirm. To move forward. To believe in myself and my power. Connection is everything and Kate coaches with compassion, enabling me to find my clarity.

Kiran – Associate Assistant Principal - 1:1 Coaching