I share my perspectives and life experiences when I speak to friends and colleagues on podcasts and when writing my own blog posts.


REAL Podcast

In this REAL (Resilient Empowered Authentic Leaders) Podcast, I talk to my wonderful friend and former colleague Hannah Wilson, Founder and Director of DiverseEd, about tattoos, pornstar martinis and all I love about connection, coaching and HeadsUp4HTs.


Teachers Talk Radio

It was my pleasure to talk to the fantastic Flora Cooper for Teachers Talk Radio about the benefits of coaching and the incredible work of the HeadsUp4HTs network!


Flying High Podcast

Alison Kriel and I had a refreshing chat for her fabulous Flying High podcast where I shared with her my plans for Live Love Learn Lead and talked positively about all that’s going well in my world.



James Pope and I had great discussion with Mike and Arthur from TandTeaching about the importance of Intentional Wellbeing for Headteachers and what the real landscape is for school leaders right now.


The We Lead Well Podcast

The We Lead Well Podcast has been created to empower leaders to enhance the wellbeing of all staff in schools. Vicky Maguire and I have a conversation about the challenges of school leadership, intentional wellbeing and how you can overcome your limiting self-beliefs.



Building Connections: What is a LEGO® Serious Play Workshop?

In 2023 I became a LEGO® Serious Play facilitator and it transformed the way I facilitate group coaching and team workshops. In the…

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Changing Environments for Inner Balance

A changing environment revitalises our sense of wellbeing. It offers opportunities to gain new perspectives, clarity, and experience the…

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The Farmer & The Stallion

The story of The Farmer and the Stallion is an example of one of my many coaching strategies that draws on ancient wisdom. The story serves…

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3 Japanese Concepts to influence your Headship

As many of you know, I'm an avid traveler, as well as a dedicated advocate for intentional well-being. In my coaching circles, I frequently…

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Identifying your Saboteurs

We are all familiar with the concept of Imposter Syndrome. Saboteurs and imposter syndrome share a deep connection as both involve negative…

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Wellbeing Series: Switching Off

You need to learn to switch off! Great advice right! And if it was that easy, we’d just flick a switch off in our minds every time we…

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Wellbeing Series: Energetic boundaries

Here’s a reframe for you. Start thinking of tasks and experiences in terms of energy instead of time. If you think about the tasks you do…

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Soulful Leadership

What do Soulful Leaders look like? Soulful Leaders shine! These are the leaders whose presence and energy is felt, even when they aren’t in…

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Ethical Curriculum Series: A Life on This Planet

Like so many, I was deeply moved by David Attenborough’s A Life on This Planet, and, with my heart and head in #ethicalcurriculum mode, I…

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