Building Connections: What is a LEGO® Serious Play Workshop?

In 2023 I became a LEGO® Serious Play facilitator and it transformed the way I facilitate group coaching and team workshops.

In the bustling landscape of modern workplaces, fostering a sense of connection and inclusion among team members is paramount. Enter LEGO Serious Play, a dynamic methodology that transcends traditional brainstorming techniques, offering a unique avenue for teams to collaborate, innovate, and find solutions together. At its core, LEGO Serious Play harnesses the power of play and creativity to unlock the full potential of every participant, ensuring that each voice is heard and valued.

So, what exactly is LEGO Serious Play? Developed by the LEGO Group in the late 1990s, this innovative approach is far more than just building with LEGO bricks. It's a facilitated process where participants use LEGO elements to construct metaphorical models that represent their thoughts, ideas, and experiences related to a given topic or challenge. These models serve as tangible expressions of individual and collective insights, sparking meaningful discussions and driving collaborative problem-solving. As a facilitator and coach, I have the privilege of being able to hold this space for others.

One of the most profound aspects of LEGO Serious Play is its ability to give everyone a voice. In a traditional meeting setting, certain individuals may dominate the conversation, while others may hesitate to speak up. However, when participants engage in hands-on building activities, barriers to communication are lowered, and individuals of all personality types and communication styles are encouraged to contribute. Whether you're an introvert (like me) who prefers expressing ideas through tactile experiences or an extrovert who thrives on verbal dialogue, LEGO Serious Play provides a level playing field for all.

At its essence, LEGO Serious Play is about more than just building models; it's about building connections. By actively engaging with one another through a medium that is both familiar and engaging, teams strengthen their bonds and develop a deeper understanding of their colleagues' strengths, experiences, and perspectives. In a world where feeling connected and valued is more important than ever, LEGO Serious Play offers a powerful tool for building inclusive, cohesive teams that thrive on collaboration and creativity.

In conclusion, LEGO Serious Play is a transformative methodology that empowers teams to harness the power of play, creativity, and collaboration to tackle challenges and drive innovation. By giving everyone a voice, a chance to be creative, and an opportunity to contribute to shared solutions, LEGO Serious Play fosters a culture of inclusivity, connection, and belonging. So, whether you're looking to strengthen team dynamics, work on leadership develop, or create a new curriculum, consider giving LEGO Serious Play a try—you might just be surprised by the outcomes. Check out the video below from my recent LSP Workshop with LYFTA.

Changing Environments for Inner Balance

A changing environment revitalises our sense of wellbeing. It offers opportunities to gain new perspectives, clarity, and experience the magic of different sensory stimulation. When we're exposed to diverse environments, our minds are challenged to adapt and learn, leading to expanded perspectives and increased mental and physical creativity. The variety of sensory experiences in different environments can stimulate our senses, invigorate our minds, and enhance our overall sense of vitality and presence in the world. This is why, when I can, I get away. Working from home is a gift, but in order to feel alive, I need to travel.

I visited Marrakesh for the first time in April, with the idea of researching a selection of the riads and rooftop restaurants for a future retreat for my community. The narrow, labyrinthine streets of the medina, adorned with colourful textiles, intricate tile work, and every kind and colour of spice, offered a stark contrast to the familiar landscapes of my countryside home. Getting lost in the maze-like alleys became a thrilling adventure in itself, a metaphor for embracing the unknown and relinquishing control (but thank God for Google Maps or I’d still be there!)

Beyond the sensory overload and the allure of the exotic, it was the spiritual nature of Marrakesh that truly resonated with me. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, there existed an undeniable sense of tranquility and serenity. I found solace in the quiet corners of the city's many riads, where the sound of trickling fountains and the scent of orange blossom oil filled the air.

In Marrakesh, I found a delicate balance between the tranquility of the traditional Moroccan houses and the vibrant energy of the medina's streets. Each offered its own unique experience, and I came to appreciate the need for both in my life. The peaceful refuge of the riads provided a sanctuary for introspection and reflection, allowing me to recharge and find inner harmony amidst the chaos of the city. Conversely, the bustling streets of the medina ignited my sense of adventure and curiosity, pushing me out of my comfort zone and encouraging exploration. Despite being an introvert, the change of environment excites and rejuvenates me. A typical Libra, I need the balance of both in my life. 

If you're seeking guidance in navigating your own journey of self-discovery and personal growth, consider transitional life coaching. Consider changing your environment. Seek the moments where you can find peace amongst the chaos.